A-man Profile

NameDaniel Punch
School University of Canberra
Class of2002 - Narrabunda College
Favourite Colour Red
Sport Sport is a thoroughly frivolous expendature of energy
Hobbies Comics (Usagi Yojimbo), Computer Stuff, Watching Movies
Favourite Bands The W's, Skillet, Insyderz, Brave Saint Saturn, Half Way Out...   and so on...
Middle Name William
Favourite Movie The Road to ElDorado, The One, The Fifth Element
Favourite Song Too Big to Crowd Surf - Half Way Out
Family Mum, Dad, Big M, Little Bro, Little Sis, a Rabbit that I call a dog
Where in the World would you like to be? China
Future Job Game programmer. GIBBY CHOW!
Dream Job Slacker-who-gets-money-sent-to-him-for-no-apparent-reason
Favourite Form of Travel Time Machine. Gives you a real buzz.
Dream Transport Flying. Without external devices.
Quote "You just come along with me and have a good time. The Galaxy's a fun place. You'll need to have this fish in your ear."