Action-man Profile

Name:Alistair Buchanan
School Australian Catholic University (Signadou, Canberra campus)
Class of:2002 - Narrabunda College
Favourite Colour Probably orange, but green is pretty fine, it's like the french vanilla of Colours. Orange is the Vanilla and as we all know from listening to the bare naked ladies "Vanilla is the finst if the flavours"
Sport I'm actually getting kind lathargic in my old age, but I guess BBall is starting to feel good playing @ the mo
Hobbies Video games, being considerbly mindless
Favourite Bands Hard call, You'd have to split that up into the catorgries. Like emotional rock: would be Brave saint saturn, Australian: probably Lightly salted peanuts, Ska:5Ironfrenzy, All time:Probably the Iron again
Middle Name Duncan
Favourite Movie Mallratz, but Van Wilder is closing for the kill
Favourite Song Every New Day, 5Fe frenzy
Family I like to believe I am not related to the people in my house, like when I had a fish I wanted to be related to him. But the crazy dog, Those evil kitties, That girl is mental, The old guy has snapped or something and that lady I'm not even sure if she is human, really!
Where in the World would you like to be? Right here
Future Job Probably get someting in an office of a christian orginization or something mindless like being a pastor or something bogus like that
Dream Job A street preacher
Favourite Form of Travel I don't really care as long as the destination is camp Mac
Dream Transport walking from my tent to breakfast @ the hall @ camp Mac
Quote I'd like to say "here we are on you radio, playing rock n' roll, So i gues it's R&RR, rock and roll radio" But I guess I'm more noticably qouted as saying something like "I do not regret the things I've done but those I did not do"