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Name Michael Watts
Age 21
Class of 1999 - Erindale College
Favourite Colour Red
Favourite Food Italian Foods
Sport Rugby League
Hobbies R.C Car Racing, Music and Boxing
Favourite Bands Live, Offspring and many more
Middle Name James
Favourite TV Show Simpsons
Favourite Movie Billy Madason, Austin Powers and Ferris Beular's Day Off
Favourite Song Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) and Good Riddance
Family Dad, Mum, Brother, A Dog and A Fish
Where in the World would you like to be? Everywhere
Future Job Pro Dole Bludger
Dream Job Don't have one
Favourite From of Travel Aeroplane
Quote I Quote John Lennon "I Don't Believe in the Beatles I Just Believe in Me"
A good point there of course he was the Walrus, I could be the Walrus but I still would have to bum rides off people