About Upstream!!


Upstream is a radio show on 89.5 Valley FM in Tuggeranong, ACT, Australia. We are on-air every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm.

Upstream presents a mix of Christian and Mainstream music mainly from genres like Rock, Ska, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Punk, plus whatever else is good that we can obtain. Even though we may not be constantly 'putting out a Christian message' as in every show were not beating everyone over the head with a Bible, we always aim to show the life that comes through Jesus, and that Christians are not a bunch of Bible freaks who sit in a corner of a Church building all week long and don't ever have a life.

The show also includes Movie, TV and music reviews, when money and knowledge permit, as well as trying to let people know of the events going on in our wonderful city of Canberra.


Upstream was started in 1999 by 4 Erindale College friends on a Christian Community radio station called FISH FM.
The founding members of the Upstream team consist of the:
Big Man (Dave Sanders)
Fat man (Michael Watts)
Fool man (Martin Appleton)
K man (Kieren Webb)

The show moved to Valley FM in January 2001, where it was on one Saturday a fortnight at breakfast time (6am to 9am). The show was presented by Kieren, along with Matthew Punch (the Big M) a friend of Kieren and Dave's from Boys Brigade. What happened to the others, Dave was studying in Adelaide which put him just a bit to far away from the studio, and the early breakfast slot hours didn't work in with Martin and Michael's schedule too well.

In the last two weeks of 2001, Upstream moved to the more accessible time of 3pm to 5pm every Saturday afternoon, and kicked off the new time slot with 2 'reunion' shows, where the entire original Upstream team presented the show together just like the old days. After that the Upstream team grew back to more of its original size, with Martin and Michael able to make it to the show now. So for around half the year the show was presented by a combination of 3 out of Kieren, Michael, Marty, and Matthew.

For most of 2002 to the begining of 2003 Upstream was presented by Michael and Kieren, because of work load / work commitments that have taken over Martin and Matthew.

Febuary 2003, Matthew phoned up Kieren and said "Hey, I'm going to Bible College in Victoria, so the show's just you and Mick". Kieren and Michael where like "Oh, um ok..." Matthew then proceded to tell how we could fill his void, or something. Thus was the the creation of the Upstream Newbies. So now the team is joined by the A man (Daniel Punch), and old special guests the Actionman (Alistair Buchanan) and the Oldman (Henry Walshaw).

Occasionally throughout the years we have managed to get some special guests into the studio, and dubbed them with names like the Little man, Middleman, and B woman, just to make sure they felt at home! One of our favourites was the insight interview with the Littleman over Easter in 1999.


When the Upstream team isn't in the studio you can contact us by email on upstream_team@hotmail.com

When Upstream is on-air (Saturdays, 3pm to 5pm) you can contact us in the studio by phone on (02) 6296 6895

Also you can check us out at on the web at http://listen.to/upstream

When time and the CD library permit, the show opens itself for requests and although not always being able to fulfil the in the music department, we do our best.