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Name: Kieren Webb
Age: 21
School:University of Canberra & CIT Reid
Class of 1999 - Erindale College
Favourite Colour: Blue (red's good too)
Favourite Food: Pizza, Hot Chips, spicy food, and everything else that tastes good!
Favourite Bands: Jars of Clay, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Presidents of USA, The Beatles, others...
Favourite Song: Unforgetful You - Jars of Clay
Hobbies: Computer Making + Programming
HTML programing
Middle name: James
Favourite TV Shows: Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager, Murder Rooms, Scrubs
Favourite Movies: ST: First Contact, The Matrix
Family: A Mum, a Dad, 2 brothers, 2 cats.
Dream occupation: Owner of the biggest software/computer game company in the world, bigger than the existing ones.
Dream place to be: International Space-Station
or some place on Earth that's relaxing.
Favourite travel: Flying / train
Dream transport: Starship