Old-man Profile

Name: Henry Walshaw
Age: 18
School Australian National University
Class of: 2002 - Erindale College
Favourite Colour Navy Blue
Sport Fencing, Soccer
Hobbies Comics (Sandman)
Favourite Bands Counting Crows, Rammstien, Moby, Machine Gun Fellatio, Ocean Colour Scene, Millencolin, etc...
Middle Name Thomas
Favourite Movie Enemy at the Gates
Favourite Song Colourblind - Counting Crows
Family Mum, Dad, two Sisters, two Dogs
Where in the World would you like to be? North-Western Europe
Future Job Something overseas
Dream Job Test driver for Ferrari
Favourite Form of Travel Train
Dream Transport Instantaneous Matter Transferal
Quote Try breathing. You'll be amazed at how much more comfortable you'll find it.